Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Call for Volunteers

Hello fabulous community we need volunteers please! All are welcome....
The Liberty Warehouse tenants would love your help this weekend moving
out of their spaces. We are all scrambling to get our stuff out by Monday May 23rd, and if you come to the Scrap at 548 Foster St. this weekend, we can also let you know about the others that need assistance.

I know folks are busy and we are grateful for any participation.
Here are the details.

First, thank you to all AMAZING volunteers/staff/
board/committees/neighbors/NC Center for Non profits/ and most
especially DENNY CLARKE for a clean, well lit space! Here's what is happening next:

Saturday May 21   10:00-2:00
Sunday May 22      11:00-3:00

What: We will be cleaning out the space entirely, all contents will be
packed up and moved, All must go! Mostly Mongo room, backstock(bodega),
and all the rest. (8,000 sq. ft- lots lots and lots of stuff- a scary
amount- took out 40% so far- thank you all who made it happen)

We will have:
1. Table of tools to be used to dismantle and use for the job
2. Snacks and refreshments (we will have stuff and if you bring stuff it
is good too)
3. A ribbon making station for being so fabulous/community
fill in the blank.

Please bring/be prepared:
1. We may have you sign a waiver, this is an at risk situation, although
it seems pretty safe.
2. If you are allergic to mold- you can still come, but I suggest you
volunteer across the street at our right now space unloading.
3. Please dress appropriately- it's a warehouse, and we are moving lots
of stuff, AND you know we also like tiaras, hats, boas, sparkly stuff,
wigs, outfits, you know how we roll. AND gloves, tools, handtrucks,
boxes (would be great)too, we will also have some of that stuff.

Thank you and hope to see you then! We do have some vehicles too- box
truck for Saturday, and two of our Cargo vans on Sunday. We will be
loading, unloading, filling up boxes, etc.

This is great for folks who:
1. Like to organize
3. Like to make things right
4. Like to move lots of stuff from one place to another, and put things
in boxes with labels on them.
5. Like to meet new people and create community.
6. Like to carry heavy stuff, and drive big trucks.

Thank you!

Also on Saturday: We are Co-sponsoring our 8th year of FREE YOGA in the
Park: starts Saturday: 9:00-10:00ish- above the pavilion in Durham
Central Park - Bryan from Pantajalis Place will kick it off...thank you
Jewel for all of your years of organizing, and thank you Ruth Eckles for
organizing it this year. Namaste.

Ann Woodward
Executive Director
The Scrap Exchange

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