Thursday, April 15, 2010

3rd Friday in Durham Brings a New Green Gallery Exhibit

It's Third Friday in Durham, and that means a new exhibit is ready to open in the Green Gallery at The Scrap Exchange. This month's exhibit is titled "Pieces of Home" and features magical handmade dolls by Julie Davis, nest-inspired wall scuptures by Shelly Hehenberger and mosaics from discarded china by Paula MacLeod.

This exhibit opens Friday April 16 with an opening reception from 6-9 pm. Gallery receptions at The Scrap Exchage are always open to the public and include refreshments and free artmaking in our Make and Take room. This month's reception will also feature the Blue Tailed Skinks and their unique sound of carnival-influenced old-time acoustic music. The "Pieces of Home" exhibit runs through May 15 and is open 7 days a week during normal store hours.

“My background is in theater, so I have a life-long obsession with costumes and story-telling. Working on a doll is like creating a character in a play, and sometimes the end result isn’t what I intended. As a teacher of mine once said, ‘You need to let the doll tell you what it wants to be.’… When I began making dolls, I bought new fabric, but over time I’ve found ways to incorporate recycled material into my work: left-over ‘fat quarters’ from a quilt shop in Chapel Hill; scarves from the PTA thrift shop; friends send me left-over fabrics from their sewing projects. … I also use ‘finds’ such as gift boxes, bows, buttons, and yarn left over from knitting projects. I’ve begun treasure hunting at The Scrap Exchange and find it a wonderful source of inspiration.”

These small sculptures range in size from a few inches to about 12 inches. They were made entirely from found and reclaimed objects, including some natural forms such as hair or seeds. The unifying element in these is the idea of nests. Each piece contains a small interior space that is like a nest or the inside of a seed; intimate and hidden. It represents the creation of a space for growth, change, and protection. Since adopting my daughter three years ago, this need to create such a space for her has slowly infiltrated my work, leading to the recent making of these three-dimensional pieces.”

“I've been planning this work for at least two years. I frequently get donations of broken dishes and occasionally I have large donations of coffee cups, tea cups and the like. All of this would otherwise find its way into a land fill. I have used many cups and mugs in my work, but for this group I wanted to really focus on the rituals of coffee and tea and see how creative I could be just using those things, including coffee and tea pots, sugar bowls and creamers. I am especially happy with the small portraits in which I used cup handles for the outlines of the face and neck areas.”

See you Friday April 16th at the opening!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More New Books!!!!

We've ordered some beautiful, brand new books for the Artist's Marketplace that  you should definitely  check out......

They are inspiring and great for springtime craft-making!

Sweater Surgery---- Gives great ideas for re-configuring old sweaters. And it's not just cold-weather projects, they also have cute dresses, bags, light tops, and jewelry!

Mixed-Media Collage: A beautiful book that explores many approaches to collage including sewing and 3D projects.  Use your own ephemera and supplement it with some of our vintage magazines and delicate papers.

Altered Clothing is a funky fresh book with great ideas for re-vamping your closet.  Use clothes you already have, add some fun fabric from The Scrap Exchange, or grab some more clothes from the thrift store!

1000 Ideas for creative Reuse---- An incredible visual dictionary of 1000 creative reuse projects.  It will certainly inspire you! Also features local artist Bryant Holsenbeck on the cover.

Green Guide For Artists: Do you want to produce your art in a more eco-conscious way?  This book has advice for artists and includes non-toxic paint and glue recipes, "green" project ideas, and an extensive resource list for artists.

This book is so fun! Good Mail Day is a great reminder that Snail Mail should be utilized for creative purposes! This book has lots of fun projects for mail art, templates, stickers, and a myriad of inspiring example letters.

Re-Bound explores the varied possibilities of book making.  From simple to complicated, this book will have you making your own beautiful handmade books in no time.  Book making  is a great way to utilize our interesting paper selection here at the Scrap Exchange!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Art Classes Have Begun - Sign Up Today!

Spring has sprung all over Durham, NC and the weather is fantastic! Spring has sprung at The Scrap Exchange as well, with a full schedule of art and craft classes designed to spark your creative energy into full bloom.

Getting married this spring or summer? Learn how to make wedding invitations from reclaimed paper materials from instructor Kimberley Cartwright. Cleaning out your t-shirt drawer? Let Ruth Warren show you how to turn them into a quilt or wall art. Ready to start planting the garden? Muriel Williman will show you how to make a worm bin to create nutrient rich compost. The list of creative instruction goes on and on this spring at The Scrap Exchange!

Here is a complete list of classes. Detailed class descriptions, dates and registration information can be found at .

Making Wedding Invitations
Turn Your T-shirts into Memory Quilts and Wall Art
Make-and-Take Indoor Composting Workshop
New Creations from Old Quilts
Make Your Own Natural Cleaners
Stuffed Animals (Softees)
Sparkly Shoes
Recycle Your Closet!
Open Woodshop
Blank Doll Bodies
Making Mobiles With Found Objects
Basic Book Structures
Make a Photo Album

Pre-registration is required to hold your place in any class. The best way to register is to email Rowan Martell at with your name and the class you would like to take. You can also register by calling the office at 919-682-2751.

See you in class!