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Spring Class Schedule Now Available

The spring list of classes at The Scrap Exchange is now available! All class schedules and descriptions are listed below. To register for any class, contact our event coordinator Rowan Martell at 919-682-2751.

Build A Dollhouse Dream House
Instructor: Cusita Martinez
DATE: Sunday, April 3rd
TIME: 2-5pm
COST: $40
Children accompanied by an adult or individuals 18 and up

A hands-on 3 hour class that invites an elder & child or an 18+ to participate in making a doll house made of re-usable materials.
Cusita Martinez was born in N.Y.C. to a Cuban-Spanish family. She has traveled the U.S. & some of Europe making art both privately and publicly for over twenty-five years.

Learn to Crochet in a Day!
Instructor: Andrea Stephens
DATE: Tuesday, April 5th and Thursday, April 7th
TIME: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
COST: $15
Ages 12 and up

Beginners will learn single and double chain crochet methods to make their own hat, scarf, or start a memory quilt. Fringe styles and pom-pom making will be covered as well.

Andrea Stephens started her own handmade gifts business in February 2010 and enjoys using supplies from The Scrap Exchange to give new life to fiber and fabric and to up-cycle yarn from old sweaters into fabulous new items.

Basic Book Structures
Instructor: Emily Dings
DATE: Wednesday, April 6th
TIME: 6:30-9:30 pm
COST: $15
Age Limit: 16 and up

In this class, you will learn basic bookmaking skills that can be applied to both simple and complex book structures. Using minimal supplies, you will see how easy it is to make books using everyday items around your house (or from the Scrap Exchange!) Participants will make four books using adhesive and thread bindings and will come away with a better understanding of gluing, folding, and assembly techniques that lend a polished appearance to any book project.

Emily Dings is an editor, writer, and paper artist who has lived in Durham for six years. After teaching herself some basics of bookbinding and collage, she took a series of books courses at The Printed Page in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and apprenticed with a book artist in Providence. She is passionate about bookmaking because it merges language and visual arts, invites innovative reuse of materials, and is interactive in nature.

Coptic Stitch Journal
Instructor: Emily Dings
DATE: Tuesday, April 26th
TIME: 6:30-8:00 pm
COST: $12 +$ 5.00 Materials Fee
Age Limit: 16 and up

In this class, you will learn how to bind a small book using chain (or Coptic) stitch. These creations are perfect for journals or registry books because they are substantial and lie very flat when open. We will personalize the books by creating beautiful covers as well. If you have some paper ephemera you’d like to use for the cover, feel free to bring it—we’ll have plenty of material on hand for you to choose from too.

Emily Dings is an editor, writer, and paper artist who has lived in Durham for six years. After teaching herself some basics of bookbinding and collage, she took a series of books courses at The Printed Page in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, and apprenticed with a book artist in Providence. She is passionate about bookmaking because it merges language and visual arts, invites innovative reuse of materials, and is interactive in nature.

Fabric Mosaics
Instructor: Ruth Warren
DATE: Sunday, April 10th
TIME: 1pm-4pm
COST: $35
Ages 12 and up

Learn how to use scrap fabric and fabric books to create colorful fabric mosaics fused on canvas. Students will learn two techniques for applying bits and pieces of fabrics to canvas with fusible webbing. During the class, students will create two small fabric mosaics, using each of the two methods demonstrated. One fabric mosaic will be a geometric design and the other will be pictorial. All supplies are included.

Ruth Warren is an artist who has worked with repurposed materials since childhood. She experiments with many different items in her artwork, but scrap fabrics and old quilt remnants are a constant favorite. Ruth developed her techniques for fabric mosaics as a way to combine two art mediums that she loves: vintage scrap quilts and mosaics. Ruth also works at The Scrap Exchange as the Marketing and Promotions Coordinator

Save Today's Memories! Make a 4-page "Zine"
Instructor: Dipika Kohli
DATE: Wednesday, April 13th
TIME: 7-9 PM
COST: $25
18 and up

Are your favorite moments locked away in digital archives? Here's your chance to get creative and revive those memories! "Zines" are xeroxed booklets that are fun and easy to make. Bring 3 favorite snaps to class to design a 4-page mini-zine. Easy to mail to friends and family and more fun to get than a Word printout. There are tons of textures and papers available at The Scrap Exchange to work with!

Dipika Kohli is a Durham-based graphic designer.

Worm Bin Make and Take
Instructor: Muriel Williman
DATE: Wednesday, April 20th
TIME: 7-9:00 PM
COST: $40 per person, includes bin, worms, everything you need to start composting in your house or apartment; $20 extra to make a second worm bin
Children 5 and over are welcome, but must be accompanied by a worm-bin-making adult

Anyone ... anywhere ... can compost at home with a worm bin. In this hands-on workshop, you will make your own tidy and efficient indoor composting bin specifically designed for composting in apartments or tight spaces. The workshop includes supplies to construct your own bin, instruction from seasoned composting expert, Muriel Williman (Orange County Solid Waste Management), and of course, worms! Composting creates rich humus, the organic component of healthy soil and a natural fertilizer from your kitchen vegetable and fruit scraps. Learn all you need to know to recycle your food waste, care for your worms, harvest the compost, and feed your plants. Want pets but can’t afford a puppy? Worms don't bite, bark, or need to be walked, and you can have thousands at a time! And they eat your garbage! What could be better? Worm bins also make great gifts, so each attendee can make and take two worm bins for only $20 more!

Muriel Williman is Education and Outreach specialist for Orange County Solid Waste Management and a long-time indoor composting enthusiast, and a member of the Scrap Exchange Board of Directors

Natural Cleaners
Instructor: Rebecca Currie
DATE: Wednesday, April 27th
TIME: 6:30-8:00 pm
COST: $18 ( $3 materials fee) per household
All ages welcome!

Learn how a few simple, inexpensive ingredients can be combined to form a wide range of products to meet all of your cleaning needs. Participants will learn the basics of cleaning with homemade products and the properties of various ingredients. Everyone who takes the class will receive a course pack with information and recipes. Participants will also have the option of purchasing a cleaning kit that includes all the ingredients you need to get started in your new life of less-toxic cleaning.

Rebecca Currie has been making her own cleaning products since 1999 and is passionate about promoting simple and healthy alternatives to toxic and/or wildly overpriced commercial cleaners.

Monster Doll Workshop
Instructor: Jessica Greene
DATE: Wednesday, May 4th
TIME: 6:30-8:30 PM
COST: $18
6yrs old and up, children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Make cute, funny, ugly, silly, or scary monster dolls out of felt, fabric, and buttons. Learn basic sewing techniques and how to take a project from an idea to a final product. Design your own monsters or use a pattern.

Jessica Greene holds a BA in Art from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Masters of Education from North Carolina State University. She spent six years working as a graphic designer and illustrator in New York City. She has nine years experience teaching art at Brogden Middle School in Durham, Woodward Academy in Atlanta, and Chapel Hill Cooperative Preschool. She recently started an arts and crafts business called Bull City Craft.

Fashion For You!: Basic Alterations
Instructor: Dara McGinn
DATE: Saturday, May 7th
TIME: 2-5 PM
COST: $10
12yrs old and up,

In this class we will cover basic alterations such as sewing on buttons, hemming pants, cuffs, and sewing up minor rips. After demonstration and explanation participants will be able to work on individual projects with guidance from the instructor. Participants are encouraged to bring items to be altered. Turn those flares into skinny jeans! Shorten skirts! Turn those pants into shorts for summer!

Dara McGinn was born and raised in the RTP. She became interested in fashion after going to work for Belks and Ralph Lauren. Currently she runs her own small design label and works professional as a high-end clothing designer for several clients.

Do-It-Yourself Screen-Printing
Instructor: Nicole Hogan
DATE: SUNDAY, May 15th
TIME: 4-7 PM
COST: $45
Age Limit: 16 and up

This class will teach you the basics of screen-printing. You will learn to stretch a silk screen over a frame, apply a light-sensitive emulsion to the screen, block the screen with an image, and print! All materials are included in the class fee.

Nicole Hogan is long-time Durhamite, Scrap Exchange worker, and a graduate of the Durham School of the Arts. She is passionate about sewing, repurposing materials, knitting, screen-printing, comics, and biking.

Fun and Funky Mosaic Basics
Instructor: Jeannette Brossart
DATE: Sunday, May 22nd
TIME: 2-4 PM
COST: $50
12yrs old and up,

Create a fun and funky indoor mosaic using ceramic tile, glass, and whatever else we can rustle up! Learn how to use tile nippers to custom shape your design. We’ll be using tile mastic, no grout needed!

Jeannette Brossart has been a professional mosaic artist since 2003. Her work has been featured in art and sculpture exhibits, print, and public installations. She has taught mosaics at several venues including the John Campbell Folk School and The Scrap Exchange.

Alter Ego Open Studio
Instructor: Ann May Woodward and Allyn Meredith
DATE: Thursday, May 26th
TIME: 6:30-8 PM
COST: $5
All ages welcome!

Do you have an alter ego? Are you interested in creating one? Are you looking to manifest a character that represents another side of you? Is there an internal dialogue that's ready for an external expression? Need a cape, tiara or mask? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then attend this open studio. Instructors Allyn Meredith and Ann Woodward will host the open studio, and provide tools and assistance for projects.

Ann Woodward has been making art and unique one of-a-kind designs for over twenty years. Materials are generally the motivating factor for her in the creative process. Currently she is also the director of The Scrap Exchange and is very motivated to help others “be as creative as they can be”.

Allyn Meredith learned about costuming when she lived in New Orleans, where masquerade expands the meaning of ordinary. Allyn panders to this art form in both traditional and peculiar realms. Most recently, she built and donned the Queen Bee of the Sweet Transformation of Disappointment for the Triangle Soundpainting Orchestra at Manbites Dog Theatre and continued the “performance” at a local brewery. She looks forward to helping others create outer manifestations from inner longings.

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