Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet Our Green Gallery Artists: Rob Lineberger and Liz Roetzel

Sunday March 6
2 pm - 4 pm
Green Gallery at The Scrap Exchange

The Scrap Exchange invites you to meet Rob Lineberger and Liz Roetzel, the two artists featured in our current Green Gallery exhibit titled "Remains to be Seen". Rob will share his technique and vision that inspire his rust-infused paintings. Liz will share her inspiration for her collage "portals" that symbolize a woman's nature and life experiences. The artists will be available in our Green Gallery from 2-4 pm to greet the public and answer questions about their art.

"Remains to be Seen" features mixed media collage by Liz Roetzel and rust-infused paintings by Rob Lineberger.

Lineberger collects discarded bits of metal and other refuse from creek beds and roadsides. He uses them to stain his paintings with a tactile rust impression by leaving the canvases outside for weeks at a time. This exhibit features his “Shipwheels” series, which explores wheels as symbols for physical or spiritual navigation in the midst of overstimulating technology.

“Basically, everything from the paints to the supports to the tools I used for this show came from The Scrap Exchange,” says Lineberger, who also got many of his wheel forms there. “Good thing, too! The Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association has done such a good job of cleaning up that it’s more difficult to find trash in the creek bed these days.“

Roetzel’s collage portals offer a surrealistic vision of various aspects of a woman’s nature and life experiences. She calls them portals because they represent a passage between two realms, the outer and inner beings of a woman. Roetzel combines magazine clippings with scraps of fabric and other found materials, transforming them into beautiful and symbolic assemblages.

“Discarded magazines hold secret treasures that I love to unearth,” Roetzel says. “Every time I open the cover of an old issue, I feel like I'm embarking on an expedition.”

"A Million Days" by Liz Roetzel

"Dark Passages" by Rob Lineberger

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