Monday, February 13, 2012

"Leaving Liberty" Opens in The Green Gallery at The Scrap Exchange

When the roof collapsed on the Liberty Warehouse in downtown Durham on May 14, 2011, it marked the end of the most recent era for the historic structure. During the previous 10 years, the Liberty Warehouse, a thriving tobacco auction warehouse from the 1940s-1980s, had shifted gears. The building became home to a growing number of art-related nonprofits and independent small businesses, including The Scrap Exchange and Liberty Arts. All were forced to move out abruptly once the entire building was condemned immediately following the roof failure.

The next gallery show at The Scrap Exchange pays homage to the art, creativity and community fostered on a daily basis within Liberty Warehouse during the last decade. "Leaving Liberty," which opens February 17 in the Green Gallery at The Scrap Exchange, will feature artwork created and inspired inside those old warehouse walls by Durham artist Daniel Bagnell.

Bagnell has been the collections coordinator and warehouse manager at The Scrap Exchange for over 5 years. This show will feature work he created in the previous Scrap Exchange warehouse space made entirely from odds and ends gathered there. From ready-mades to kinetic sculpture to collections of unexpected like objects, the former Scrap Exchange warehouse space had inspired an infinite variety of aesthetic assemblage and visual delights. Come and see what all those scraps were up to in the far corners of the building while nobody was looking...

The opening reception of "Leaving Liberty" is scheduled for Friday, February 17, from 6-9 pm. Festivities will include free make-and-take activities, refreshments, PBR beer and live music. Executive Director Ann Woodward will also lead a drop-in class titled "Altered Sweaters" during the gallery opening. The class takes place in the new Design Studio at The Scrap Exchange. Students will learn how to alter old sweaters into new creations like scarves and hats. The class fee is $5 and students can drop in and participate anytime from 6-9 pm. Bring your own sweater or use one provided.

While The Scrap Exchange has left Liberty Warehouse behind, the organization continues to forge a strong path ahead to the future at it's new location in The Cordoba Center for the Arts on Franklin Street in Durham. This gallery opening will mark the beginning of new, extended store hours for The Scrap Exchange! Starting February 17, the retail store will be open every Thursday and Friday evening until 9 pm, allowing for longer shopping hours and expanded programming to serve the community.

"Leaving Liberty" will run from February 17 through March 10. Admission is free. The Green Gallery is located inside The Scrap Exchange creative reuse center, at 923 Franklin Street in Durham. The gallery is open to view anytime during regular retail store hours. For more information, call 919-688-6960.  Check out more of Daniel's work on his Tumblr page.

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