Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Arrivals at The Scrap Exchange

If you are on our newsletter email list, you know that we post new arrivals in the store each month in our newsletter. But as Daniel likes to remind everyone, we get "new stuff every day!"

So how can you keep up with the constant flow of fascinating and fabulous inventory that comes into The Scrap Exchange? Simply follow us on the web! You can start with Facebook and Twitter. We are now posting new arrivals along with sales specials several times per week on these two social media networks.

And our Twitter page is http://twitter.com/scrapexchange .

So what is new at The Scrap Exchange this week? Here are just a few items.

  • Blue book cloth - an entire roll: $3 per yard

  • Salvaged doors - several styles: $12 - $75

  • Long wood poles: $3 each

  • Red plastic envelope-style folders: 50 cents each

  • Acrylic make-up trays: $7.50 each

  • Rolls of upholstery fabric - new selections: $3 per yard

  • Very large sheets of black foam

See you at The Scrap!

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