Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fancy Cake!

Check it out!  Rheada Wilson found supplies at the Scrap Exchange to assist her in making this fabulous castle cake.  

She said her daughter "drew at least 20 pictures and even brought home a castle book from school to make sure I knew what she meant... I got all the tubes and dowels I needed at the Scrap Exchange, along with many other project inspiring things.  I made the inside a marble of chocolate and vanilla, filled with strawberry buttercream and covered it in marshmallow fondant. I went out on a limb and followed the advice of the experts and make all my icings from scratch, and I am glad that I did."

Sounds delicious! Maybe you can come make some more cakes for us... my birthday's coming up!

Thanks for sharing, Rheada. 

If you have something super amazing that you made from Scrap Exchange materials, send us pictures so we can put you on the blog!  (

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