Friday, November 6, 2009

The Store’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken

Being at the vanguard of social movements (after all, we’ve been green since 1991, and look how cool that is now), we’re hoping to start a new trend this year.


Crazy, we know.

We’re pretty sure all the other stores across America will be following our lead soon.

So instead of Christmas decorations, our store window is filled with ... YELLOW! courtesy of new store manager Julia Gartrell.

Why yellow? We don’t know, and neither does Julia, but we’re all digging the combination of sushi trays, tennis balls, National Geographics, and every other yellow thing she could find on the shelves and in the barrels. It’s like a little microcosm of the store right there in the front window.

So stop by and check it out, and put a little sunshine in your life.

(And for those who are wondering about the staff change, Julia replaced Alexis Mastromichalis at the end of September. After a few months of nonstop action at the store, on top of commuting from Chapel Hill and running The Nightlight, Alexis realized that her life would be better if her involvement with The Scrap Exchange was on less of a day-to-day basis. She’ll still be working outreach events for us and continuing to contribute, but for now she’s devoting her days to making The Nightlight the best place it can be. We wish her the best of luck with that, and thank her for the great things she did while she was here.)

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Water Tower Aficionado said...

Thank you Scrap Exchange. I can't believe how early the Holidays are pimped lately. I'm ready for Christmas to be over by the first of December.