Friday, October 23, 2009


Here are a few shots of our new Robot Workstations. Thanks to Peter for all of his work on getting these up and running!

The Kit includes a computer running freeDOS, special software, two stepper motors, a solderless breadboard, IC chips and other electronic bits, a custom connector cable and instructions on how to build your very own ROBOT!! All for only $50, mega cheap!

These kits are designed so that once you understand the basic concepts you may alter and customize your robot, you can add on more pieces, you can change the software, you can start breaking open old electronics and start building new creations from them... The world is your robotic oyster!

These are perfect for anyone looking to learn about electronics, computer science, and robotics in a real world way. You start with a real computer, you create real electronics from scratch, connect real motors and run real software to talk to them. There is no better way to learn all these concepts than to put them in motion (you can even make them sparkly like we did!)

To check out a working example station just come by the Scrap Exchange and see it in action!


Leah said...

These are so cool! I'm definitely going to check them out when I'm there for the fabric sale!

Werkplace said...

OK, this post is exactly why, out of the thousands of RSS feeds I subscribe to, I actually carved off a special box in the very first top left corner of my iGoogle page.

I cannot wait to come by and see how someone developed a system like this that isnt

Scrap Exchange is awesome. For the record. Can I just come by and write you guys a check? Seriously.