Friday, February 6, 2009

The Everchanging World Of Mongo

Here are some more recent photos of our infamous MONGO room. In an ever changing environment like the Scrap it's hard to truly express the varied nature of our beloved scraps with simple twenty-first century technology (i.e. photos taken with a cellphone). One day we get and old sign, the next scalpel blades (those are safely put away for now.) Maybe we get 10 boxes of vintage fabric, or 1 box of 10,000 tiny plastic... uh... thingamawhatsits.

The point is this, as fun as it is to take photos of the store every now and then, it's even more fun to be surrounded by it every day.

Make sure to visit our flikr page to see all the (new and old) photos. And yes, that is a copy of "A chorus line" on vinyl. You're thinking "I Hope I Get It, I Hope I Get It!"

p.s. this post by Daniel not Ann

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