Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Diary, first entry

I’ve been staring at this empty blog page wondering what my first post should be. I am reminded of the diary I received for Christmas when I was 10. This, of course, was back in the ancient times of paper and pen. I stared at the first blank page for what seemed like an eternity. I think I managed to write the words “Dear Diary…” before I gave it up as a lost cause. Now, faced with writing something that could potentially be read by thousands of people (instead of just my older brother), I have been intimidated into a case of severe writer’s block which has lasted for months. What is so special about me that would make people want to read anything I have to say? What makes me so great? My mother could give you a laundry list of my good qualities, but that doesn’t seem to tame my raging insecurities about blogging.

So what was it that finally enabled me to start? I remembered that this blog is not about me and how great I may or may not be. It’s about The Scrap Exchange, which is one of the greatest places in the world and by far my favorite place in Durham, NC. I really think that if I didn’t work here, I would still be in at least once a week to check out the new fabrics, yarns, and crazy weird lab stuff that comes in all the time. And I would definitely be here for Saturday’s WAREHOUSE FABRIC SALE from 10-2. Because when we have a sale we don’t mess around—we have a SALE.

I hope to see you there… and I promise that this blog will not be shoved to the back of my dresser drawer like that sad forsaken little diary.

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